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Privacy And Policy

  2. "Data Controller" means the publisher and owner of the Website and the party also responsible for the collection of data.

    "Data Processing Officer" means the party responsible for overseeing data protection strategy and implementation to ensure compliance.

    "Content" means any content, writing, images, audiovisual content or other information published on this Website.

    "Parties" means both You (the user of the Service) and the Data Controller: Polycarp Yakoi.

    "Personal Data" means any personal information collected for You in relation with your use of this service which is capable of identifying You.

    "Service" means the Website, which is known as: including all pages, sub pages, all blogs, forums and other connected internet content whatsoever.

    "Products" means the goods and products both tangible and intangible offered on the Website.

    "Services" means the services offered on the Website.

    "User Content" means any audio, video, text, images or other material users choose to display on this Website.

    "You, Yours" means the user of this Website.

  4. This Privacy Policy is designed to inform You about the Personal Data we collect, how we collect this data, the uses of the data, and Your rights relating to the Personal Data when You use this Service or purchase the Products and Services offered on the Website.

    We are committed to protecting your Personal Data while You use this Website.

    By continuing to use our Website, You acknowledge that You have reviewed the Privacy Policy and agree to its terms. This also means that You have consented to the use of Your Personal Data and have accepted the applicable disclosures.

  6. The operator who is also the party responsible for the collection of data is as follows: Demohub Global and can be contacted as follows:

    The Data Protection Officer is as follows: Polycarp Yakoi and can be contacted as follows:

  8. We collect various information to enable us to provide good Service to all our users. Depending on how our Service will be used, the different types of Personal Data we collect are as follows:

    1. For registered users: During the process of Your registration we may collect the following information:
      • Name
      • Email
      • Address
      • Phone number
      • Age

      We may also require other information in relation to:

      • Your interaction with our representatives;
      • Receiving notifications by text message or email about marketing;
      • Receiving general emails from us;
      • Commenting on our Content or other User Content on our Website;
      • The purchases You make.

    2. For unregistered users: We will collect passive information from all registered and unregistered users. These information include cookies, IP address information, location information and certain browser information.
    3. Sales and billing information: We may collect Your credit and/or debit card information, which includes Your card number, password, etc, Your billing address, Your contact address and other information required for Your purchases. The billing information will be stored for the following period: One month to assist You in making future purchases.
    4. User experience: From time to time we may also request certain Personal Data that may be necessary to improve our Service and the Products and Services we offer for sale on the Website.

  10. We use the following to collect Personal Data from You:

    1. Cookies: We use the data collected by the cookies to offer You the best experience on our Website. Cookies are information stored on Your browser when You visit our Website or use a social network with Your PC, Smartphone or Tablets. They contain various data which includes the name of the server from which it comes, the numeric identifier, etc. The types of cookies we use are as follows:
      • Technical cookies: These cookies are essential for the correct functioning of our Website and they are required to provide the Service required to our users.
      • Profiling cookies: These cookies are used to create user profiles based on personal choices and preferences in order to send advertising messages to Your device.
      • Third party cookies: While using our Service, You may receive cookies from websites managed by other organizations. Third party analytical cookies may also be installed. Third party analytical cookies are used to detect information on user behaviour on our Website. This is placed in order to monitor the performance and improve the usability of this Website.
      • Support in configuring your browser: You can manage these cookies through the settings of Your browser on Your device. However, deleting cookies from Your browser may remove the preferences You have set for this Website.
    2. Log Data: We also use log files which store automatic information collected when users visit this Website. The log data which may be collected are as follows:
      • the domain and host from which You access the Website;
      • name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP);
      • date and time of visit;
      • Your computer operating system and browser software;
      • web pages visited, the duration, and frequency of visits;
      • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

  12. We share Your Personal Data with third parties in order to protect our rights, properties, and safety and for the safety of users of this Website.

  14. We collect and use Your Personal Data for the following reasons:

    1. to provide our Service and to maintain and make improvements to the Service we provide to You;
    2. to develop new Products and Services on the Website;
    3. to provide personalized Service to You, including making recommendations and providing personalized content;
    4. to provide customer service to You;
    5. to provide You with updates on the Website and related items;
    6. to provide analytics to understand how our Service is used.

  16. We take the security of the Personal Data we collect very seriously, and we take reasonable measures to reduce the risk of accidental destruction, loss or unauthorized access to such information. However, please note that no system involving the transmission of information via electronic storage systems or the internet is completely secure.

    The Personal Data and any other information we have about You may be stored for such period as we may determine until You terminate Your account with us or You withdraw Your consent.

    Note that You can withdraw Your consent to store Your Personal Data at anytime. Once this is done, all Personal Data and information we have about You will be deleted.

  18. Our Service is built with strong security features that continuously protects Your Personal Data. Our security features help us detect and block security threats. If we detect any security risk, we may inform You and guide You through steps to stay protected.

    1. When You share Your Personal Data
    2. Our Service enables You to share information with other users. However, You have control over how You share this information. When You upload any content on our Website, Your content becomes accessible to other users.

    3. When we share Your Personal Data
    4. We do not disclose Your Personal Data except for any of the following reasons:

    1. if You have granted us the permission to do so: We will disclose Your Personal Data where we have received Your unequivocal consent and permission to do so. However, such consent may be withdrawn at anytime;
    2. if we are required to do so by an existing law or regulation: We may also disclose and share Your Personal Data for the following reasons:
      • to meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or any legal request, such as subpoenas, court orders, requests for administrative or government bodies;
      • to enforce our applicable Terms of Use;
      • to detect, prevent, or address any fraud, security or technical issues;
      • to prosecute or bring any legal action against any user who has violated any law or our Terms of Use.
    3. For any other other reason that may be necessary for the operation of our Website.

  21. Our Website is generally intended to be used by children under the age of 13 years and we may collect, use and process the Personal Data of children who use our Service.

    The Personal Data we may collect includes:

    • Name
    • Email
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Means of identification

    We allow children to display their Personal Data publicly.

    We process the Personal Data of children for the following reasons:

    • To provide personalized services to the users
    • To provide customer care services to the users

    We shall ensure that we obtain the consent of the person who holds the parental responsibility of the child before we collect or share the Personal Data. Also, parents and guardians have a right to request for the Personal Data we have, make any alterations or request that the Personal Data be deleted at anytime. They may also refuse to permit any further collection or use of the Personal Data by contacting us on the following email address:

    If we do not receive any complaints or requests for the parents or guardian of our users, it shall be deemed that we have received the consent to use, process and disclose (permitted disclosure) the Personal Data.

  23. We may allow users to post their content or information on this. These contents include audio, video, updates, articles, images, or other materials users choose to display on the. Please note that any material which You may post is made accessible to the entire public and will not be regulated by this Privacy Policy.

  25. The website may contain links to other websites which we believe may offer useful information. This linked websites are not under our control and this Privacy Policy does not apply to these websites. We suggest that You contact those websites directly for information on their privacy policy, security, data collection and distribution policies.

  27. If you wish to access, review, modify any information we have about You, You may do so by simply contacting us on the following email address: You may also request that we delete any information belonging to You that we have stored.

  29. Your rights in relation to Your Personal Data are as follows:

    • the right to have access to Your Personal Data;
    • the right to be informed about the processing of Your Personal Data;
    • the right to rectify any inaccurate Personal Data or any information about You;
    • the right to review, modify or erase Your Personal Data and any other information we have about You;
    • the right to restrict the processing of Your Personal Data;
    • the right to block Personal Data processing in violation of any law;
    • the right to be informed about any rectification or erasure of Personal Data or restriction of any processing carried out;
    • the right to the portability of Your Personal Data; and
    • the right to lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority within Nigeria.

  31. If You have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or the Personal Data we collect, or if You wish to make any comments or complaints about anything related to this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following email address:

  33. We reserve the right to modify and revise this Privacy Policy from time to time without Your explicit consent. If we make any fundamental change, we will notify You and obtain Your consent to the revised version.